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Let's talk about culture as in Rose D'or Club, Multicultural youth group!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Culture is define as a "way of life" of group of people, meaning the way they do things. An integrated patterns of humans knowledge, belief, and behavior. The outlook, attitudes, value, morals, goal and customs shared by a society.

They are passed along from one generation to the next: Examples of culture

An appreciation for Opera.

A love of classical music.

Enjoying the ballet.

Attending Art Exhibit.

Reading fine literature such as the classics.

An appreciation for gourmet food and wine.

Culture provides an important social and economic benefits, with improved learning and health, increased tolerance and opportunities to come together with others.

Culture enhances one quality of life and increases overall well-being for both individuals and communities.

Culture gives us our identity.

With all that said, they are many youth living in the United States and in their home land who doesn't know their culture. They are so lost and confused, they just imitating what ever in front of them.

Let's take Hispanics for example: Some preserve their culture by making sure the children speaks their primary language Spanish first. Once start school , they learn English fast and

even serve as interpreter for some parents. The family unit and the respect for the Elder is very sacred. The food, the folklore are preserve among others.

Same is observe among the majority of the Indians, the Jewish and other Europeans cultures.

Now, we are changing gear and focusing on our Island brothers and sisters mostly from Haiti. It's going to offended some people, but my observation: Many have lost their culture.

They become confused. At one time it was the French style, language, customs etc. Student use to be punish for not speaking in French in school. Now, almost everyone speak English, want American products. Don't get me wrong. Am not say that is bad, only stating my observation. Now a day with mix culture, some kid grew up knowing nothing about their other relatives, never had a chance to visit that country except perhaps what he heard on the news. We do however very firm on insuring the value of education. ( My parents always said that is your ticket out of poverty) your education is your gold mine ticket!

Respect: is another strictly enforce when i was growing up. Kids don't talk back to their parents, you don't make eye contact , and when adult are conversing , you don't give your opinion unless you're address, otherwise kids stay out of the way.

When I came to the USA, I learn not making eye contact was a sign of disrespect. In my culture the way I was taught , I became shy, afraid to speak out and defend myself. Year later to discover that I was never a Shy person. The many fears that was incarnated in my brain because of the same fear my great and grand parents instill in my parents, perhaps due to lack of knowledge or financial opportunities, I later discovered that I love and enjoy learning.

For that reason Rose D'or Club, Inc Multicultural Youth Group of So Flo. was created to encourage youth to embrace their culture, to learn about other culture and make changes to eliminate fear, crimes, stigma by educating, exploring, traveling, and paving for a better society for all.

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