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Drowning prevention !

It's only been a week since Summer start. With the heat wave of South Florida, many will be

heading to the Beach, home or community swimming pool to cool off or have fun.

To continue our Culture talk segment , let's add swimming to our conversation this time.

When I was a teenager first came to the United States, I was often asked this question: " You're from the Island and you don't know how to swim" ! I lived in the Capital of Port-au-Prince, true I had access to the beach around, but my parents would never allow it due to fear of drowning. School would organized summer excursion and picnic by the beach, my parents would not sign for me to go stating that someone always end up drowning.

Beside I was not aware of any institution giving swimming lessons, and with the poor economic situation of many family, one would not be able to afford such a luxury .

Some students who resign in the Provinces and close to the Beach learn to swim on their own. In the Capital, the Bourgeois with home pool have private lessons for their children.

Again, talking about culture, some children face certain barrier and access to a lot important things in life. Could be due to economic status, fear install in them, lack of knowledge, etc.

Like I said in my previous Blog, I was shy and afraid of trying many thing, because of what i was made to believe and my parents economic barrier. But I educate myself, took one swimming credit in College and love it, then continue on taking lesson at the YMCA.

Parents invest on your children by signing them early on for swimming lessons that can save their lives. Adults also can take lessons. Swimming is also good for your cardiovascular system. Children are always curious about water and are fearless of anything. Please if you have a Pool or live near a pool. Please keep an eyes on your little ones. Designate a Pool Watcher at all time. Install safety gate with lock or alarm around the pool. It only take second for a kid to drown. Almost 800 kids drown each year, more than half are under age 5.

The Pre school and Day Care uses to bring Bus loaded to the YMCA Summer time teaching swimming to the kids,now with Covid-19 , it's going to be impossible.

In 2003 Ft Lauderdale's International Swimmer Hall of Fame and the Cap Haitian Sister City had a program for 550 young Haitians getting their first real swimming lesson in a rarely used Hotel Pool. The goal of the Project was to find a way to reduce the number of child drowning in Cap Haitien. Haiti, the poorest in the western Hemisphere with few riches , would they ever be someone thinking of building a class gymnasium with swimming pool ?

With your collaboration and support "Rose D'or Club, Inc "can help an underprivileged child one at a time in Florida or in Haiti with the skill of swim lessons and save a live.

Many of our people risk their lives at the sea in search for a better lives and end up drowning not knowing the risk. " Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his life time. " Italian proverb.

Together, hand in hand we can make the world a better place and save lives!

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